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In order to support this mission, Congress has provided for the Authorized Provider Partnership Program (AP3). As authorized by law, AP3 allows members of veterans’ and other organizations to participate with the Armed Forces in providing Military Funeral Honors. In addition, these volunteers may be reimbursed for their expenses as amplified in guidance from the Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense (Force Management Policy).

As the commander of an honor guard, you are very aware of the challenges the new Military Funeral Honors legislation has placed upon your honor guard and the installation’s resources. The benefits of participating in the Authorized Provider Partnership Program (AP3) are significant.

  • Enables additional detail elements for veteran funerals;

    Authorized providers cannot be a substitute for the legislated minimum, two-person uniformed member detail. However, they can provide more funeral honor elements for our veterans, such as a firing party, in addition to the requirements of flag folding, flag presentation, and the sounding of Taps.

  • Provides a “force multiplier” for the honor guard program;
  • Symbolizes the continuity of respect for deceased veterans from those who are serving and those who have served in the Armed Forces;
  • Furthers your partnership with the surrounding community; and,
  • Supports the family and friends of the deceased veteran.


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