About The Honor Guard

Alaska Army National Guard Honor Guard
Military Funeral Honors Program

“Honoring Those Who Served”

Our Mission

The primary mission is to render professional Military Funeral Honors (MFH), in accordance with service tradition, to all eligible veterans when requested by an authorized family member or representative. Additionally, upon request and, as directed by the State CSM, the AKARNG Honor Guard will provide Color Guards and/or Honor Guards to participate in ceremonies for local and State government, private organizations, and other agencies based on available assets.

Our Leadership

The Honor Guard is an “all noncommissioned officer (NCO)” lead organization. It is supervised and mentored by some of the most experienced non-commissioned officers the Alaska Army National Guard has to offer.

How to Join

Our Honor Guard is made up of Guardsmen carefully selected from amongst the soldiers and non-commissioned officers of the Alaska Army National Guard. Guardsmen from any unit with any Military Occupational Specialty may participate. Volunteers must be members in good standing of the Alaska Army National Guard, and must remain so for the duration of their tour with the Honor Guard. Come be a part of this unique organization. You’ll travel and meet people from throughout the state and be a part of some of the events that shape the history of Alaska in addition to having the opportunity to provide the final tribute to real American heroes who provided us with the freedoms we enjoy today. Contact us at 907-428-6688 or email the Honor Guard at AK Honor Guard.


The dedicated Guardsmen that comprise the Honor Guard are all volunteers.  They perform this mission in addition to their normal duties as Guardsmen. Our members are trained to the requirements of Department of Defense Instruction 1300.15 and FM 3-21.5.

Uniforms & Equipment

Each Honor Guardsman is required to possess a complete Class A uniform. After meeting the requirements of the Honor Guard the Soldier will be issued a full Army Dress Blue uniform free of charge for the duration of their tour with the Honor Guard.  Any other special equipment will be provided by the Alaska Army National Guard.

Member Benefits

– receive active duty STIPEND pay
– earn a full retirement point for each day of service
– compete for long term ADOS orders
– wear the Honor Guard Tab
– receive Ceremonial Dress Blues at no charge

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